From Psychology to Technology

We offer a range of services, a.o. assessments, workshops, work sessions and on-premises short and long-term coaching in the domains of Agile Psychology and Organizational Behavioral Psychology, Operational Excellence (Agile, Lean) and Product and Delivery Management.

We teach, coach and hands-on lead in theory and practice of the following:

Agile Psychology and Organizational Behavioral Psychology

  • Emotional and Cultural Awareness

  • Communication Skills and Theory of Misunderstanding

  • Adaptive (Agile) Leadership

Operational Excellence

  • Agile Best Practices (SCRUM, Kanban, Spotify...)

  • Lean (Six Sigma) Continuous Improvement Projects

  • Toyota Kata

  • Facilitation of Future- and Retrospectives, Vision and Strategy Sessions

  • Role Coaching (Scrum Masters, Product Owners)

Product and Delivery Management

  • Product-Oriented Development Theory and Application

  • Value Prioritisation Techniques

  • Lean Value Stream Management

  • Innovation and (Corporate) Lean Startup 

  • Continuous Delivery


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