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Emotional Intelligence at Work

Success in life and career is driven by level of Emotional Intelligence and ability to apply it effectively. The three pillars that allow to build effective and motivated teams are Empathy, Diversity and Psychological Safety. This 2 days training will uncover the scientific meaning behind these buzzwords and provide you with a powerful tools of positive influence and leadership.

Duration: 2x6 hrs  

Participants: 6-12  

Price: €950 p/p (ex VAT)

Rating : 4.8 / 5  (1 rating)

Psychology of Change Management

How to adopt, drive, and implement changes successfully? How to overcome reluctance and motivate others? How to craft a change mindset? How to make people feel confident during the change process? This course will answer all these questions and provide you with a powerful plug-n-play framework.

Duration: 6 hr  

Participants: 6-12  (onsite/online)

Price: €750 p/p (ex VAT)

Rating : 5 / 5  (1 rating)

Effective Meetings

Have you ever heard "We have too many meetings"? Or "I hate meetings"? According to statistics, time spent in meetings has been rising by 8% to 10% every year since 2000. How much does it cost to the company and is it profitable? At this workshop you will receive a powerful tool and a framework that will help you to bring meetings in your organisation into completely different level. 

Duration: 2-4 hr  

Participants: 6-99 (onsite/online)

Price: €500-1000 p/session (ex VAT)

Giving Feedback

Collaboration is the key to success in any aspect of life, whether you are a people manager, a team lead, or a team member. To collaborate successfully, we need to provide each other with feedback. Meanwhile, we can safely assume that any feedback aims to improve a group's productivity and working atmosphere, but often, it has the opposite effect. Despite the positive intention, it can be perceived as damaging, offensive, unfair, and so on. 

Duration: 5 hr  

Participants: 6-12 

Price: €450 p/p (ex VAT)

The course exceeded my expectations. Among the content what really shined for me was perceiving the deep cultural differences and how we need to adapt to them for daily basis communication. Not taking a single approach for giving feedback is also an important lesson learned. Thank you!

Thanks for hosting this course Tatiana! Coming into the course I was expecting to learn, but I was unsure what exactly I would be learning about. In these two days I learnt, among other things, about psychological safety, a concept I had never given any conscious thought to. I now realize it's everywhere in our day to day life, and your course has revealed the "why" to communicate in a certain way. I'll be processing all the information in the coming days, and I look forward to reading your book as well. I know there is a lot more for me to learn in the communication department. Thank you very much.

Short and good explanations between exercises, this allowed me to ingest more easily and practice right after. The interactive way of the exercises were good to see in practice the theories presented, I feel now that I know how to deal on some situations that I'm currently facing and did a good retrospective of some situations that I could have acted differently.

Interesting exercises and practice lessons to make a bridge between the theory and real life.

Over the years I attended a lot of Change Management Courses, but none like what Tatiana has to offer. Looking back now people mistake change management for project management and managing the progress of change. Tatiana has open my eyes to understanding of the impact of change on every stakeholder involved and how to prepare the ground for change to make it go smoothly. Truly the best course on this topic I ever attended - it's my current go-to method.

With the Cultural Awareness and Communication course I was able to get my team to a very effective levels of interaction. Given it's a multi-cultural and highly distributed team, communication is a key for everyday operations. Thanks to Tatiana we all understood the cultural differences that truly matter at work and that dictate our implicit expectations and motivations. Fantastic course.

Other Services

Operational Excellence & Agile

  • Agile Best Practices (SCRUM, Kanban, Spotify...)

  • Continuous Improvement Projects

  • Facilitation of Future- and Retrospectives, Vision and Strategy Sessions

  • Role Coaching (Scrum Masters, Product Owners)

Product and Delivery Management

  • Product-Oriented Development Theory and Application

  • Value Prioritisation Techniques

  • Lean Value Stream Management

  • Innovation and (Corporate) Lean Startup 

Save up to 20% with a tailored EI learning path for your company.


We offer a structured learning path based on science of emotional recognition and management and tailored to your company needs. Topics usually recognized at workplace, like crucial conversations, giving feedback or change management, etc. gain a new and deeper perspective when build upon Emotional Intelligence base.

You are welcome to select from a choice of our tested courses, however we strongly recommend getting in contact with us to asses your needs and deliver you the most complete knowledge.



Please email for additional info on coaching and multiple use video classes.

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