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Free 30-min Intake Session

Tatiana Lukyanova

Emotional Intelligence and Communication Psychologist

I'm an Emotional Intelligence Psychologist. In my work, I use the most recent research results in psychology and related sciences. You are welcome to visit my studio in Amsterdam, Damrak 243 — the safest space in the city.


Emotional Intelligence therapy for adults and teens. The therapy is periced €100 per session. If you have a reference discount, please mention it in your booking notes.

Planting a Tree

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy are priced €150 per session. If you have a reference discount, please mention it in your booking notes.

What problems can be addressed?

Burnout, mild anxiety, anger management, cultural fit issues, relationship issues (relatives, friends, colleagues) and “I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m not fine”.

What can you expect from the session?

Emotional Intelligence therapy for adults and teens.

We will analyse your emotional triggers and discover the mental and behavioural patterns that influence your relationships with yourself, other people, and situations. 

I'll safely guide you through and will help you to adopt the tools and techniques that will increase your quality of life.

Per your needs, we can speak in English or Russian, in-person or online. 

Planting a Tree

Couple Therapy

As you go on with your lives together, multiple factors can cause an overcast in your relationship: your own goals and development, the influence of other people, old behavioural patterns, overall tiredness, mismatch of energies and expectations, cultural differences and more. 

  • If you are longing to feel loved the way you once did

  • if you feel your needs are not understood and not addressed

  • if your fights are getting worse and conversations are getting stuck in negative patterns

  • if your feelings are still there but the joy of being together fades away

I can help you to take a fresh look at your relationship. 

During the sessions, we will consider all the influencing factors and go through various tools and exercises that will help you change perspectives, rediscover your relationship and understand each other better.

Besides that, I have expertise in cross-cultural couples relationships, which always have additional perks and challenges. 

Couples therapy is about strengthening your relationship and finding the way back to each other. However, in this journey, you may discover that compromises and steps you would need to take to save your relationship are too high a price to pay. In that case, it is also important to end your time together properly and this therapy covers this as well.


I am an expert in emotional intelligence, communication and behaviour.

Whether you are a bit lost, burned out, struggling with communication, or need help figuring out what you really want or how to take the next step in life, I can help you with various techniques that can empower you to better understand yourself and others and communicate efficiently in order to reach your goals in life. 

I hold an MSc in Communication, Behaviour, and Credibility Analysis from Manchester Metropolitan University, which is a testament to my expertise in the field.

I am an author of  books


I am also an author of EQally App.


Please reach out to book a free intake session that can be online or in person.

Free 30-min Intake Session

My Qualifications and Experience


  • 2017 MSc Behaviour, Communication and Credibility Analysis MMU 


  • 2014 International Certificate in Emotional Skills and Competencies Paul Ekman International

  • 2014 International Certificate in Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility Paul Ekman International

  • 2015 Facial Action Coding System by Paul Ekman Group 

  • 2015 Behavioral Analysis and Investigative Interviewing Emotional Intelligence Academy Ltd (currently EmotionIntell) 

  • 2015 Mindfulness and Meditation, Emotional Intelligence Academy Ltd (currently EmotionIntell) 

  • 2020 Psychology of the Mind Certificate No00004222 Saint-Petersburg State University

  • 2020 Neurolinguistic Certificate No00004984  Saint-Petersburg State University

  • 2020 Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate No00004911

Work Experience 

  • 2016 Certified Trainer for Paul Ekman International courses

  • 2018 EI Psychologist, Courses Creator, EI courses Trainer, Agile Coach at  Mind Twist Consulting 

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