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Is your company looking for that next step to unlock the potential of people, product and processes and carry on in a sustainable manner? 


I offer services based on 18 years of experience in the full cycle of (Digital) Product Development and unique combination of expertise in Psychology, Cultural Management and Process Management.


I am the full stack Agile Coach.

I help you to solve the puzzle.

I have built my expertise working with


Tatiana Lukyanova


Tatiana has over 15 years experience in roles ranging from Product Management, Business Strategy and Development, User Experience Design to Leading Agile transformations.

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About Us

From Psychology to Technology

I offer a range of services, a.o. assessments,  workshops, work sessions and on-premises short and long-term coaching in the domains of Agile Psychology and Organizational Behavioral Psychology, Operational Excellence (Agile, Lean) and Product and Delivery Management.

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