Tatiana has over 15 years experience in roles ranging from Product Management, Business Strategy and Development, User Experience Design to Leading Agile transformations. She has experience in delivering tech products in international companies of various sizes and domains - logistics, recruitment, stock trading, gaming,  vod-entertainment, with special focus on c2c and b2c eCommerce. Her portfolio includes such organizations as TNT (Fedex), Naspers, eBay.

Her passion about understanding how the World and People are functioning, concluded in double Msc in physics and psychology of communication.

Author of a book titled 'A User Guide to The Unconscious Mind'.


MSc in Physics (2003)

MSc in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis (2017)

Specialties: Agile and Lean Transformations, Organizational Culture, Strategy and Business Development, Product Management, User Experience Design, Innovation and Experimentation



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Bartosz has over 16 years of experience in roles ranging from Software Design and Engineering to Optimization of Delivery Processes and Organizational Transformations. He has experience in shaping processes of all types of ventures - corporate, scale-ups and startups. He worked a.o. with KLM, Martinair, Emirates, Naspers and eBay, at which he has received an eBay Critical Talent Award for his leadership role in Agile Transformation of Marktplaats.nl.

He's a huge fan of Toyota Way and firm believer in tailored Product Delivery Culture.

Currently working on a book titled 'Warehouse Effect', which deals with unsustainable growth of companies.


MSc Eng in Software Engineering in two specialties (2006):

- Distributed Systems and Internet Applications

- Systems and Database Engineering

Specialties: Agile and Lean Transformations, Software Engineering, Delivery Processes, Innovation and Experimentation, Software Quality, (Corporate) Startups Spinoff

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